Owner Supervision

We offer supervision service in following fields:

  • Owner supervision of road management works;
  • Owner supervision of railway facilities construction;
  • Owner supervision of utility networks and facilities construction.

We have offered supervision services already since 1995. In 2001 we started providing supervision services in cooperation with our Finnish and Estonian partners for projects financed by World Bank’s loans and the ISPA programme. In addition to owner supervision services of road maintenance works, we have in recent years also obtained substantial experience in owner supervision of railway facilities construction, and utility networks and facilities construction.

The main objectives of owner supervision of construction works are:

  • to verify the compliance of the construction or reconstruction works with the design or work descriptions;
  • to accept works that deal with parts of structures or facilities that will be covered with other structural elements or materials, which make a direct inspection impossible in later work stages;
  • to verify the safety of construction and reconstruction works to humans and to the environment;
  • to verify that the construction and reconstruction works conform with the quality requirements.