Construction Materials and Products Testing

Road and construction material surveys are essential in Estonia and in the rest of the Europe for finding more effective ways to develop the infrastructure Limited resources and environmental restrictions make this task a challenging one.

We have conducted road and traffic-related surveys and tested construction materials and construction products for already half a century. We conduct general studies, carry out cost-benefit analysis and the comparison of costs, and if needed develop new testing methods. We are one of Estonian leading scientific institutions specializing in road-related studies. We have also participated in international scientific projects. We have an extensive scientific library with more than 6000 volumes, plus an accredited laboratory for testing the construction materials and products.

In the first phase of a study we map out the problem and if necessary also help our client to define the terms of reference. General studies include a detailed overview based on the objectives determined in the terms of reference. We use all available information, either local or global, to describe the current or potential use of given construction material or product. We compare construction materials and products and carry out cost-benefit analyses in order to assess the costs and benefits arising from the use of various products. We also conduct long-term studies of how materials work in structures by collecting relevant data and processing with the help of suitable methodology. We offer our assistance even if a client wants to study and test non-standard materials for which no methodology exists – we can develop a suitable methodology.

We also carry out socio-economical feasibility studies that help to compare alternative infrastructure-related investment proposals and to choose the best solution. Programmes HDM-III and HDM-IV that are calibrated to suit Estonian conditions are used for this purpose.