Traffic Surveys

For planning and design of road construction, renovation or maintenance works, and for assessing the economical feasibility of future road works, it is important to have a good overview of the existing situation and to be able to predict the feasibility and consequences of planned measures. Right decisions and right solutions depend on the existence and quality of input data. It is important to have traffic data.

We offer following services:

  • traffic count;
  • traffic modelling;
  • traffic analysis;
  • traffic prognosis;
  • traffic safety studies (inspection and audit);
  • street network configuration.

We have quality equipment, we use great methodology and have long-term experience in traffic count. We have performed traffic counts with various equipment for over 40 years. We use portable automatic devices for short-term temporary traffic counts. We generally use hose count, but if it’s complicated for some reason, then radars can also be used.

We use traffic count data for various traffic analyses and prognosis that help to evaluate existing situation and to predict the consequences of planned measures.

CUBE software that is used for traffic modelling enables to determine the optimal scope and locations for traffic counts, and to analyse changes in traffic flows in case traffic demand changes. The model uses road network data, traffic count results, the frequency of typical trips, as well as population and settlement data.

We carry out traffic safety inspections, which means that site is visited in order to determine the existing situation, to collect and analyse relevant data, to assess the situation, and to offer different possible solutions to problems.
Traffic safety audit determines whether street network configuration of the planned infrastructure is safe for road users.
We compile traffic management schemes for temporary traffic management (in case of road works or events) and for land use plans, and get approvals for traffic management schemes.