Intelligent Transport Systems

We have for over 15 years provided information to various interested parties about national transport network. This has resulted in a safer, more effective and rational use of the transport network. We are experienced in developing road information systems, and have thorough knowledge about the operation principles and objectives. Therefore we are able to offer solutions that improve the infrastructure, traffic safety, and road maintenance.

We deal with:

  • Vehicle detection systems, including Weight in Motion systems (WIM);
  • Closed Circuit Television (CCTV), including road and traffic cameras;
  • Road Weather Information Systems (RWIS);
  • Variable Message Signs (VMS), including speed boards.

We use open system principles when developing the information systems and telemetric networks, i.e. each mounted piece of road equipment (road camera, traffic counting points) can be added to the common system and thus the data from the whole network becomes available. If measurement data is obtained with similar devices and by using fixed measuring methodology, then the data doesn’t need to be correlated and it is thus comparable. This creates a win-win situation, since each new measurement point adds to the big picture and more of the road network is covered.

Our aim is to ensure continuous and flawless operation of intelligent transport systems and timely access to the necessary data.