Permanent Counting Points

Automatic permanent counting points are used for long-term traffic counts. Permanent counting points register:

  • number of vehicles;
  • type of vehicles;
  • driving speed;
  • distance between vehicles.

The data can be obtained separately for each vehicle or as a summary for a certain span of time.

A permanent counting point is a stationary road infrastructure facility right next to the embankment. Traffic data is obtained in a non-intrusive way by using sensors that are mounted into the pavement. In permanent counting points number and type of vehicles, as well as vehicle speed, distance between vehicles and moving direction is registered and this data is transferred to servers using GPRS connection.

Traffic count data is used for capacity and traffic load calculations on bigger roads, and it forms the basis for additional traffic surveys. This data is essential for planning road design, construction, renovation and maintenance works, and for implementing various road-related normative documents. Live traffic count data is used for trip planning.

We offer following services that help to obtain traffic count data:

  • Construction of traffic count points;
  • Integration of the traffic count points we built into the Estonian Road Administration’s traffic count system.
  • Systematic maintenance of traffic cont points we built.