Road and Traffic Cameras

We offer traffic cameras for traffic supervision, as well as relevant equipment installation and maintenance services. We offer road cameras for weather and road condition observations, as well as relevant equipment installation and maintenance services.
Road cameras are used for weather and road condition observations (whether the tracks are clean; whether the road surface is wet of dry; if it’s raining, and if so then how heavily; whether signs of snowstorm or fog can be seen). It’s possible to show weather data for the road, that are obtained either form the camera location or from a nearby road weather station.

Some of the cameras are installed together with the road weather stations. This helps to interpret the data obtained from road weather stations and gives important information for decision making. Cameras that are placed separately from the road weather stations give better overview of the road network. The picture from the road cameras help the road maintenance companies to plan their day-to-day work and assist in quality assessment of maintenance works in wintertime.

In general the camera image is transmitted according to a pre-set schedule, but we also offer suitable solutions for live transmission. Various sensors can be added to the camera and various meteorological measurement data can be presented on camera images.

We have installed cameras all over Estonia, most of them were mounted on the orders of the Estonian Road Administration to monitor the road condition and traffic situation. We assemble cameras using Night/Day IP digital cameras, economic IR LED lights, IP based (GPRS, CDMA, 3G, WiMAX) communication solutions, and classical and combined (including renewable energy) power solutions.